Election Elation

As investors, I’m not sure why we freak out every 4 years. What changes? Someone new in the office, a few new policies, and the behemoth of the USA steers a little more left or right.

I think the entire political system is a distraction. It’s a popularity system. Now, I don’t know about you, but every successful person I’ve known has shunned the popularity game and ran the other way to the be an effective human game.

This doesn’t mean you can’t vote, but how much time does it take anyone to know who they are voting for? We are bombarded with politics every day. The average person knows who they are voting for just by paying attention. We can spend zero time on politics and still vote.

Still, I can’t help but see a popularity contest that has eked away our power over time. The game of pick the lesser of two evils over time has eroded our nation.

Something to think about: someone has to be literally insane to run for President. It’s a catch-22. A solid trait in a leader is that they don’t want to be president, so anyone that’s on that ballot has a serious flaw.

Maybe there’s a better system.

Don’t get distracted.

Not convinced? That’s fine, but people a lot smart than myself agree with me.

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