Don’t tangle with problems, punch through them.

Engaging with problems is a common tactic. I think it’s overrated.

When we look at how we tackle problems, descriptors like “orthogonal, intelligent, judgement” come up. We ask about the wisest way to fix something, like a engineer solving a problem.

Instead, let’s try fixing problems today not by tangling with them like a kid solving a puzzle, but like a NFL linebacker punching through the line.

Only the line isn’t 350 lb linemen. It’s high school kids.

“That’s not fair”

No shit. We don’t want fair. We want the goal, not to tangle with problems. The less time we spend on problems, the better.

Punch THROUGH the problems: utilize your network, zig zag, stir the pot. There’s a time and place to plug away at what needs to be done, and there’s a time and place to identify problems and then get rid of them with speed and intensity.

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