How we think determines our path more than what we think

How we think and what we think about determines the routes we ultimately end up on. The thing is, we rarely tend to look at and evaluate these two things.

Some questions about how we think

  • What biases do I embrace most often?

    • Hint: we all embrace biases. Nobody is above this.

  • What is my overall view of humanity? Of time?

    • ”Why am I here” stems from this. You better have it down.

  • What are my principles? Do I hold them close?

  • What about my past has led me to think this way?

  • Is reprogramming the way I think a waste of time? Is is possible?

This isn’t linear thinking. This is the deep end where we learn to swim.

Some questions about what we think about

  • Am I allowing enough in-structured time to let my brain do what it does best?

That’s it. The what is much more straightforward than the how.

You might think that the last question should belong in the first set of questions, but it doesn’t. Unstructured time allows our brains to synthesize and formulate in ways that we cannot consciously push our brains to do (yet). You will arrive at different paths if you allows your brain to wander vs if you try to push.

The thing is, the paths that unfold before you, without effort, are magical.

Don’t try too hard.


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