Showing Up

Everyone will be their own boss in the new world. There will be minimal hand-holding. The ticket to getting ahead right now is to embrace it by showing up right now, and consistently. This blog is the perfect example: by showing up, writing about things that interest both myself and the readers, I am taking a small sliver of real-estate for when someone like-minded wants my help with their investments.

The catch: It can take a while. So buckle up, decide on the thing you want to do for the next 30 years, and hit it. (Just make sure to evolve with the industry you choose, or die)

The challenge is following through with when you don’t feel like goin anymore, or when you’re still not getting paid hardly anything after 6 months, or a year, or even two years. It can take a while. The cool thing is though, that most of the time it will pay off for you (this is assuming that you didn’t pick something terrible like luxury socks reviews)

Here’s where others fail to show up:

In order of importance

  • Lack of consistency

    Showing up sometimes, but irregularly. This is worse than not showing up at all. All in or all out. No in-between.

  • Lack of longevity.

    Be prepared to show up again and again. For years.

  • Lack of creativity

    Nobody wants to hear from a robot, so don’t try to be one. Also, no one wants to hear from an imitator. Be YOU. People want to hear from, and need to hear from YOU.

  • Lack of courage

    2020 and beyond is a time for courage. When millions of blog posts are published per day, and 1 in 10 people have their own podcast, the world is rife with boring, and ripe for bold. Be bold. Go out on the limb. Nothing bad will happen. I said push the boundaries of what you do.

Go make it happen. Show up.

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