On Using Twitter

I’ve been intentionally using twitter for the past month and it’s been interesting. People are starting to ask me how to get more followers, how to come up with ideas, etc.

The thing is, people use twitter mostly to get when they need to used twitter to give. I use the term ‘go-getter’ pretty often, but the opposite stance should be taken on twitter: be the go-giver. Find people that are on a similar wavelength as you, and then figure out ways to help them.

One other thing that I do is I have a specific person, or kind of person, that I’m talking to in my head when I’m writing out these tweets. I’m talking to them as if they were in front of me, just like I’m talking to you. It keeps things simple. And I’m a big fan of simple.

The last thing about using twitter is karma. You get out the square of what you put in. It might take a while, years even, but it works. The universe works that way. Be prepared to show up again and again, for a very long time. (It better be something you’re curious about). There are no tricks or gimmicks. In fact, shortcuts hurt your progress. People are very good at sniffing out bullshit, so don’t even try. Worse, you’ll tarnish your own confidence in what you’re doing.

Do it right the first time. Go slow. Don’t stop. Have fun. Take the long view. Be a go-giver.

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