Not For Everyone

In finalizing my first write-up of any business I’m finding that I am not for everyone. I look at analysis and what’s commonly used in analysis reports only to see that what I offer is not what is usually offered.

Here’s what I do not offer:

  • Hot stock tips

  • What you should have in your portfolio

  • Sensationalized ‘research’

  • Investing porn

  • Guarantee of return

  • Standardized best practices

  • Academic deep dives

Here’s what I do offer:

  • Intellectual honesty – If I do not understand something then I will pull at the thread until (1) I understand, or (2) I determine it is not a critical factor or not worth the time. A commitment to truth.

  • Integrity – I plan on doing this for a very long time, so it is vitally important to me to be able to do this with while maintaining my own integrity.

  • Consistency – I post my best work at least 12 times per year, and hopefully more as I get better at what I do. This will be a painful starting process, but that is a good thing. Painful starts, when endured, often have the biggest payoff for everyone involved (especially you).

  • Deliberate emphasis – on understanding a business, relationships, and humanity. I see many analysts focusing on pure numbers only to discard thinking deeply about a business. This emphasis is important since businesses are solely about people and relationships between those people: humanity.

  • Irreverence – You cannot have the above without disregarding much of common analytical practices. I will be finding my own way, much of which will be uncomfortable for myself and for some readers.

As always, if you have any comments I’d be glad to hear them below.

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