7: Ads Don’t Work That Way, Customer-Based Corporate Valuation, and Turning Pro

Interesting Reads

Ads DOn’t Work That Way by Kevin Simler

Kevin takes us through his thesis on how ads work, and how it may not be as simple as we once thought.

I find this extremely useful for the new economy and the digital re-shuffle. Highly recommend carving out some time to read this one.


Customer-Based Corporate Valuation by Abdullah Al-Rezwan (MBI Deep Dives)

When I asked “What’s the best resource on unit economics?” Abdullah graciously sent his thread summarizing a paper by Michael Mauboussin.

Resources & Tools

The Investment Checklist: The Art of In-Depth Research by Michael Shearn

One of the best books that I’ve ever read on research. It’s more of a map than a book, but still extremely valuable resource.

(This is one of the books recommended by Dan McMurtrie)

For Fun

How To Be Creative: How and Artist Turns Pro 

An awesome YT video about resistance, putting out creative work, and overcoming. I watch this about once a year.

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Quote Of The Week

No “ifs” i.e. if this or if that, but…
“How” can I be better?
“How” can it be done?
“How” can I get going?
“How” can I accomplish?
This is the positive thinking principle.
– The grandfather of James Clear (Click here to read his thread on finding his journal)

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