8: When 80/20 backfires, research processes, and metaverse primers


  • I am working on the next analysis and obsessing over improving my process. Thanks to other powerhouse analysts who are helping me improve, I feel I am no longer fumbling around in the dark alone.

  • I am trying to embed my real-time portfolio for the members area of the website. I hope to complete this within the next month. (If you have any resources or recommendations on this let me know!)

Let’s dig in.

Interesting Reads

When the 80/20 Rule Fails: The Downside of Being Effective (jamesclear.com)

Probably one of the more powerful articles from James, at least for me.

If you optimize for effectiveness constantly this one is for you (and me).

Of course, it is very well written. If you take time to read one thing from this email, let this be it.

The process of learning a new skill or starting a new company or taking on a new adventure of any sort will often appear to be an ineffective use of time at first. Compared to the other things you already know how to do, the new thing will seem like a waste of time. It will never win the 80/20 analysis.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong decision.


‘The Metaverse Primer’ — MatthewBall.vc

The ‘great reshuffle’ fascinates me. The internet enables it, the metaverse propels it forward. Matthew is known as the metaverse expert (for now), and his primer is extremely thorough.

I’m looking for other non-metaverse companies to adopt ideas and run with it.

Resources & Tools

SCM Investment Research Process – Part I – by Christopher Seifel – The Polymath Pursuit (substack.com)

Christopher’s process is interesting, and a great gem for someone like me who’s coming in from the outside of the industry. It’s rare to find such detailed descriptor of ‘what I’m thinking’ from a professional as they wade through the research process.

For Fun

Predicting the Future

A fantastic short document from Lin Wells on predicting the future. This is a great piece of history, and a great reminder for investors on the importance of keeping things in perspective.

Quote Of The Week

My barn having burned to the ground, I can now see the moon.

Mizuta Masahide

When something difficult occurs, something else becomes possible.

Some Thoughts

I have a guide, or two, that have reached out and are giving great feedback and guidance on analyses. This is making the growth process much less painful for me, and in turn for readers. There is always a ‘fumbling about’ when starting a new venture, and putting in real effort is key to attracting any sort of guidance.

No success is alone. There are no ‘self-made’ entrepreneurs, myself included. So this development is pretty special for all of us.

I hope to greatly increase quality over the next few months. More big updates coming as we grow and improve. (hint: Skin In The Game)

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