📡 Saturday Signal 12: View From Orbit, Finding New Newsletters, and Secret


  • An investment firm reached out this week asking about a one-off research into a company. I had never thought that would happen, and so glad it did.

  • I’m talking to a developer about making a widget in the members-only area of the website that tracks my investments and percentages (not amounts) so that there’s no option of me making any mistakes. Pretty exciting.

  • We are up to 284 subscribers! Our goal is to get to 1,000 subscribers. Please help us get there by sharing this with someone who you think will enjoy it. (And thank you to those of you who shared last weeks email!)

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Let’s dig in.

Interesting Reads


Tom Morgan is taking some risks with his writing, and I’m loving it. An attempt by me to summarize his article would be a disservice, so here’s some of his writing from the piece:

The “Overview Effect” is a famous mystical experience consistently reported by visitors to space. Seeing the entire world at once can catalyze a permanent shift in perspective.

Looking down from orbit, it feels like we are hurtling toward a global “phase transition.”

A phase transition describes a mysterious place in complex systems, right in between the two extremes of order and chaos. This is where we see spontaneity, adaptability, and unpredictability. It’s where water suddenly boils into vapour. Information flow accelerates. Equations break down. Infinity happens. A phase transition is a boundary, and everything interesting happens at boundaries.

An amazing piece with so many great gems, too many to post. If you read anything from this newsletter, let this be it.

Tom closes his piece with this:

Carl Jung’s autobiography describes a conversation with a Native American Chief in Taos Pueblo in 1925. The Chief says to Jung:

“How cruel the whites are: their lips are thin, their noses sharp, their faces furrowed and distorted by holes. Their eyes have a staring expression. They are always seeking something. What are they seeking? The whites always want something, they are always uneasy and restless. We do not know what they want, we do not understand them, we think that they are mad.”

I asked him why he thought the whites were all mad. “They say they think with their heads,” he replied.

“Why, of course. What do you think with?” I asked him in surprise.

“We think here,” he said, indicating his heart.”

Resources and Tools


A brilliant tool that helps you find feeds and newsletters from people you follow on twitter. I find this highly useful for finding bits of information from those that don’t have a very good reach. Check it out.

(I even found some cool newsletters that I’ve been missing)

Newsletter Highlight


Most of you probably know Liberty. The rest of you should check out his newsletter. It’s free, and pretty amazing. I was reluctant for a while, but the sheer consistent quality is astounding. If you’re on the fence check it out.

From his about page:

What This Is and Isn’t

These are the rules of the game:

  1. Lower your expectations. This is an outlet for sharing interesting things I find. Once in a while, I’ll have longer essays, interviews, and deep-dives. I probably won’t blow your mind, but I’ll try to expand it at least a little.

  2. It’s not just going to be about finance. I know most people who follow me on Twitter are into finance stuff. There’s going to be a lot of that, but also other things. I’ll label every section by topic, so if you want only finance, it’ll be easy to read just that section.

  3. It won’t be linear, feel free to jump around. Once in a while I may do a theme or narrative, but most editions won’t be like that. You can skim the sub-titles and scan the images and just read what grabs you.

  4. I don’t want this to feel like work. I want to be excited to add things to the next edition of the newsletter. The way to keep it like that is not to have a rigid schedule or format, or to feel like I have to write constant stock pitches.

  5. I change my mind, I make mistakes. If you spot errors, factual or logical, please let me know (my DMs are open on Twitter, or you can “reply” to newsletter emails). If you read an old edition, it may contain things I no longer believe. Don’t assume I’m a marble statue.

  6. I’m not “qualified” for anything. Nothing here is investment advice or medical advice or interior decorating advice. I’ve never studied or worked in finance, or most other things I write about ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For Fun


A bundling service that provides pretty amazing savings if you’re building a business.

The pricing is super cheap. Check it out. $39/YEAR

Quote of The Week

The point is to wake up, not to earn a Ph.D. in waking up.

Jed McKenna

Some Thoughts

As competition for talent grows, the ways in which they are reimbursed will evolve quickly. Money as a sole reason for work will give way to working on desirable projects. Meaningful work will surpass financial gain as the number 1 reason to choose a job. And it’s already happening.

Many people are hacking this by asking themselves “how can I work the way I want to work and what is the minimum that I must take home to make that happen?”

This goes back to the idea that “freedom at any cost” is trumping “financial gain at any cost”.


What’s your biggest problem you face right now in business and investing? I ask because I want to help provide as much value as possible.

Hit reply and let me know.


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