📡 Saturday Signal 13: Dennis Hong, Defanging the iPhone, and Fear of Failure


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  • My parents are in town for a long weekend. I showed my mom what I do and it finally clicked for her. “So you take all this information and synthesize. That’s what you really do?” She got it. I showed her the SEC reports, the tools like Koyfin and Tikr, and some Twitter resources. I’m very grateful to be able to do this full time. I’m even more grateful to spend time with them this weekend.

Let’s dig in.

Interesting Reads


Tilman Versch is a great interviewer and Dennis Hong is a legend in the making. One of the cool things about this interview is it has both the video and the transcripts on the same page.

Dennis drops some wonderful gems. I highly recommend taking the time to read or watch.


Resources and Tools


If you struggle with iPhone addiction you’re not alone. If you can’t completely cut yourself off try this trick of limiting color input.

Keep in mind that most of these resources are a way to cut out noise and focus on what matters.


Newsletter Highlight


Intrinsic Investing has become one of my favorite publications. Ensemble Capital is behind the publication. It’s refined, focused, and original. Very cool.

Our goal for Intrinsic Investing is for it to be one of the ways that we communicate our thinking to clients and the general public. We believe that investing is an iterative process and we know of no better way to test our own thinking than to share it with others. We encourage readers to send us their thoughts about our posts or investing in general.

For Fun

How to Overcome Your Fear of Failure with The Bucky Method

This is both a fun and productive read if you’re building something (I hope all of you). Taylor Pearson is a great writer, which makes for a pleasurable read.


Quote of The Week

Businesses are created, operated, and improved by ordinary people just like you; there’s no magic or secret knowledge involved.

Josh Kaufmam

Some Thoughts

It’s amazing what happens when we work hard, stay consistent, and open ourselves to possibilities.

A lot has been happening over the last month or so on my end, and I hope to announce some fun things soon. Stay tuned.


What is a non-starter for you? Is it contributing to your echo chamber?

Hit reply and let me know.


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