December Update

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It's been a great month with lots of changes. Let's get into it.

Portfolio Performance

This last month was a doozy. We didn't beat the market, but we did very well regardless at 8.30% in this month alone.

MTD % QTD % YTD % 1 Year % Since Inception %
S&P 500 9.13 7.47 21.52 14.73 4.54
Portfolio 8.30 8.39 40.80 32.42 18.19
Results are annualized. Performance data is indicative and should not be considered as advice. S&P500 includes dividends reinvested. Inception date: 2022-04-18.

I think it's important to note here that the market roaring up over 9% in a month isn't a bad thing. I'd rather the market go up significantly for a month then slightly underperform rather than the market makes zero gains then beat the market by a couple percent.

Imagine two scenarios:

  1. You get $1,000,000 and a person you dislike gets $1,001,000.
  2. You get $100 dollars and the person you dislike gets $50.

This month was option 1. We technically "lost" but did we really?

I believe the portfolio is set up nicely to offer downside protection and upside potential, especially when we have roughly 15 percent cash.

It was a close race the entire month:

But we are still (quite a bit) since inception:

The market has a return of ~8% while we are now in the 32% range.

Current Portfolio

Here is the portfolio as of market close on 2023-12-04 (click to expand):

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