📰 25: New Affiliate Program, Fun Times, and Services Index

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Good morning and happy Sunday! This week we're covering the service index, the new affiliate program, and Clawdia.

What's New

  1. I covered Roblox earnings and Intel earnings since the last Sunday Edition. You can read the Intel earnings update here and the Roblox earnings update here.
  2. The affiliate program is live and running for members. Just share your link and you'll get 25% of all revenue generated from your link forever. Access it here when you log in:

Portfolio Performance

Since inception numbers still looking very strong. Anything over 10% is great, anything over 20% is out of this world.

MTD % QTD % YTD % 1 Year % Since Inception %
S&P 500 3.77 5.52 5.52 24.88 9.47
Portfolio 5.61 6.07 6.07 43.36 23.62
Results are annualized. Performance data is indicative and should not be considered as advice. S&P500 includes dividends reinvested. Inception date: 2022-04-18.

The paranoia after such success since 2022 is real. Right now it pays to keep a calm head, and verify that the companies in the portfolio are continuing to execute as wonderful companies.

Market Summary

Another big bump this week in the stock market:

We are now well above the 200DMA, which should make a lot of doomers a little humbler, but of course they'll continue to say, "the collapse is near!" The game is the same: ignore the noise, invest in wonderful companies at reasonable prices, and don't fool yourself.

Economy Update

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