Michael Walsh is a Marine Corps veteran, small business owner, and family man. He lives in Oregon with his wife and kids.

When Michael isn’t working he’s either reading, training, or enjoying the outdoors. 

My Story

How I Got Here

My journey began on a shaky note as I barely managed to graduate high school. Life took me on a rough and gritty path, where I found myself working in construction and firefighting, diving headfirst into some of the most physically demanding professions.

The call of duty beckoned, and I enlisted in the US Marine Corps, dedicating four rigorous years in service to my country. My time in the USMC was a masterclass in risk assessment, effective leadership, strategic foresight, and the importance of continuous learning—all foundational elements for adept investing.

After an honorable discharge, the academic world summoned me again. I pursued and earned a degree from Corban University. The journey wasn’t a cakewalk – juggling between personal training clients, bouncing at bars in the evening, and academics demanded every ounce of my energy and focus.

Entrepreneurship was the next challenge I set my sights on. Starting from the ground up, I bootstrapped and launched a gym. Hard work, strategic thinking, and relentless dedication bore fruit as I expanded to two locations, both thriving and profitable.


However, as time went on, I felt a gnawing feeling of unfulfillment. While the physical challenges of my endeavors were rewarding, there was a thirst for intellectual stimulation, a desire for more. That’s when I stumbled upon the teachings of Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, and Naval Ravikant. Their wisdom and insights into the world of investing were nothing short of revelatory for me. I decided to take a huge bet on myself.

The year 2020, marked by global uncertainty due to the pandemic, was paradoxically the year I chose to dive into investing. Some might have called it ill-timed, but for me, it was an opportunity to learn, adapt, and grow. Since that fateful decision, my journey in the investing world has been one of continuous learning and expansion.

Today, I stand at the nexus of my past experiences and future ambitions, committed to sharing the knowledge I’ve gained and empowering others on their financial journeys. 

Our Company Mission & Client Vision

Empowering every investor on their journey to financial independence.


To provide reliable and comprehensive investment insights, demystifying the complexities of the financial world and empowering individuals to make informed decisions.


To be a beacon in the realm of investment, guiding users to achieve unparalleled financial growth and literacy, and fostering a community where knowledge is not just shared, but celebrated.


Integrity: Upholding the highest standards of honesty and transparency in every piece of information and advice shared.
Education: Continuously offering valuable insights to ensure our community is well-informed and ahead of the curve.
Collaboration: Cultivating a platform where experienced and novice investors alike can exchange ideas and learn from one another.